We (My teen daughter and me) are using POSHAN POORAK from last two months. We first tried as a meal replacer for Dinner. It turned out to be good as we did not feel hungry and felt satiated for long time. Next, we tried sprinkling it on our stir fry veggies. It came out very well. I do intermittent fasting once in a week and in that we can drink any health drink or green tea less than 30 calories. So it’s a very good idea to keep oneself satiated with this drink with less calorie. Coming to taste of the powder- we felt the smell of spices is bit more when you have it with water. Instead if you mix with milk it’s better. I feel if you can reduce the spice smell the powder will be tasting better. Nevertheless, the powder is power packed with so many ingredients and one should be happy to use.

Usha Bhat

It’s a very wonderful food supplement. I feel very energetic after consuming it. I am very active the whole day. Thank you.

Rathnakar V

POSHAN POORAK is amazing. The important thing is it’s natural. I love the the natural smell, instead of Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry 🍓… etc.


POSHAK POORAN recommended nutrition brand for adults children Diabetics. This health food drink has nutrients including high protein, calcium, iron & more. The product has been designed to enrich the daily diet with protein. Thus this blend, gives a steady supply of protein to keep you energetic for a considerable part of the day. This has really improved my concentration and energy level.. I have replaced my breakfast with POSHAK POORANand I am very happy about the product..


I have been using POSHAN POORAK for a while and it is amazing! While giving me more energy, it helps to supply my body with all the nutrients, great tasting and it is responsive to most of my overall health needs. I would like all of my loved ones to experience the benefits of this product. I highly recommend it!

Shruti Krishna

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